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Aluminum Ladders:

  • Complete fully tested ladder system offering a high degree of safety consist of (ladder holders, fixed ladders, fall protection system)
  • Standardize system allows easy installation and handling
  • Modular design allows easy installation, maintenance and repair
  • Choice between rail and cable systems for fall protection
  • Customization or standardized system (compatible to Avanti system)
  • Corrosion – resistant, extremely strong, proven material of choice for climbing ladder
  • Guarantee to exceed relevant standards and safety regulations

US standards: OSHA 1910.27 – Occupational Safety and Health Standards – Fixed Ladders, OSHA 1926.1053 – Safety and Health Regulations for Construction – Ladders

EU standards: DIN EN 50 308, DIN EN ISO 14 122 T2 (access to mechanical units) DIN 18 800 T1 + T2 (steel constructions)